Aesthetics in woodwork

The high-performance connector in modern timber construction engineering

Wood has been used as a construction material for thousands of years. Today, timber construction is more efficient than ever before. New processing and bonding techniques have significantly expanded its scope of application. Thanks to GSA® Technology, large-span constructions, elegant arches and graceful structures are now easy to build. Different types of wood expand the spectrum and scope of application in architecture.

GSA® Technology has advantages for all stakeholders:

  • Builder owners can have individual projects built on a cost-efficient basis thanks to standardised elements.
  • Architects can plan graceful and aesthetically appealing frameworks using GSA® Technology, with visual appearances unimpaired by visible connectors.
  • Timber engineers can focus on efficient erection. Modern CAD/CNC technology allows for the development of sophisticated, easy-to-install and top-precision plug-in connections.
  • Engineers are impressed by the system’s easy and thorough dimensioning. GSA® Technology guarantees the three key criteria of rigidity, load resistance and excellent ductile properties.
  • With the connectors protected by the wood cover, GSA® components display optimum fire behaviour.

The following reference projects demonstrate the variety of our company’s work. We look forward to discussing your project idea, no matter how unusual.

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New interstate service area Gotthard, Erstfeld

New training hall HCD

Energy wood center Muttenz / office, Wood- & scrap lumber

Bridge Serata, Thalwil

New company headquarters Max Felchlin AG, Ibach

New bridge Gletschersand, Grindelwald

New stable Marmet, Saanen